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Agrona's OxyBull aeration system ensures optimum oxygen content in the water and root environment. XL Bloom Youngplants in De Lier has been using the device since March of this year. A strong pump with a capacity of 60 m3/hour blows a lot of air into the water, so there is plenty of movement.

August 24, 2020

Enough oxygen in the root-environment is a condition for a strong and healthy cultivation. More oxygen makes the cultivation stronger and leads to higher productions. That is the experience of Van der Voort Tomaten in Vielpolders. The company uses a water handling application which keeps the oxygen level optimal.

October 17, 2019

Then it’s a matter of how to get that right amount of oxygen in the water. For this purpose Agrona developed the Oxybull aeration system. “For this system we have developed a membrane cloth that creates miniscule bubbles in the water basin”, Nadir says. The installation was super easy, adds Frans. “No adjustments to the silo are required and the silo only needs to be partly emptied once (half a meter of water may remain in the silo) before installation. That is all. From then on you do not have to worry about it anymore.”

March 6, 2019