Agrona specialist in water treatment systems and a supplier of exclusive fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and industry.
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Agrona offers the organic bio-stimulator for optimising soil biology, giving plants an enormous boost.
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Water Treatment

Agrona offers a range of water treatment
products like the ABR Bioreactor
and the Oxybull.
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Water Filtration

Agrona offers the perfect solution for the filtration
of water without
backwashing water.
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Crop Resielince Advice

Agrona offers not only water treatment and bio-stimulants, but also gives advice in the agriculture industry.
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The Benefits

On-site, on demand
Compact systems, easy maintenance and installation, Oxygen supply on site.
Safe and eco-friendly
Reduces use of chemicals, improves growth and makes crops more resilient, increased yield
Cost effective
Saves storage place, reduces chemicals handling costs, clean water storage tanks and sustainable systems.

On the market

for more than 10 years

What ever started small has now grown into a professional company that is active internationally. Are you curious to know how Agrona can help your company grow? Contact us for more information.
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Latest News Updates

March 6, 2019

The extra oxygen also benefits bacterial growth. This may worry some growers, but it is a conscious choice for Agrona. “With the right bacteria, a balanced soil life is created, and with that you improve the absorption of nutrients,” Nadir explains. “Moreover, your crop is

July 24, 2019

A high oxygen content in water is essential for the development of plants. In order to realize an optimal oxygen input, various vegetable companies in the glasshouse horticulture use the OXYBULL aeration system. The system ensures that the concentration of oxygen in the water and around the root environment is optimal.

October 17, 2019

Enough oxygen in the root-environment is a condition for a strong and healthy cultivation. More oxygen makes the cultivation stronger and leads to higher productions. That is the experience of Van der Voort Tomaten in Vielpolders.