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Agrona is the right supplier for any situation where water plays a role during crop growth. Every grower aims for a healthier and stronger crop. Agrona helps its customers achieve this by supplying and installing water treatment systems and biostimulants that help achieve exactly that. By improving the plant's environment, the yield per plant increases and the drop-out rate decreases.
Agrona is not only committed to sustainable cultivation, we are also committed to sustainable relationships with customers. These customers come to our systems because they want to create the best conditions for their crop. We have been able to install our solutions, such as the OxyBull and the Nanobubble system, for several excellent companies, and they have enjoyed the benefits! A number of these companies are highlighted below.

What customers say about us

We are happy to tell you all about how the OxyBull, Nanobubble or the rest of our range works and what the results are, but we prefer to let a number of happy customers have their say. These customers not only tell you how the product works, but also what this has done for their crop. We are happy to introduce them to you.

Voort Brielle

Joost van der Voort is the man who takes the floor for Voort Brielle. He works in the family business that specializes in growing vine tomatoes. Since 2015 they have switched to a biological cleaning method, the AG-Stim. Nowadays they also work with the OxyBull. Joost explains why this choice was made and what it has meant for them. 

Dutch Berries

Frans van Hulten, cultivation manager at Dutch Berries, talks about the application of our products on one of the most delicious crops: strawberries!
At this location a mix of products is used to optimize the cultivation and to ensure a strong and healthy crop.

Diamond Flowers

Talking for Diamond Flowers is Koen Kreling, the owner of no less than twelve hectares of chrysanthemum greenhouses. The cultivation advisor recommended the OxyBull to improve the water quality, and after the first installation the results were so clear that four more were purchased. Koen is happy to tell you more about it.

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Agrona's products have already helped many growers to grow a more resilient and richer crop. The systems can be used for almost all types of cultivation, as long as there is water involved, Agrona can do the job. Curious what we can do for you?
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