Balanced microbiological life in water without use of any chemicals

Boosting resistance

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Stimulating the root system

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Enhances mineral uptake

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The Challenge

An increasing failure due to fungi such as Fusarium and Pythium or bacteria and virus gives cause to control the irrigation water. Analyzes taken from the irrigation water or storage water can show that the water is contaminated by a large amount of fungi and bacteria.

Drippers are very sensitive to pollution. Contamination in the drippers causes water release differences, which has a negative effect on the quality of the crop. That is why it is important that you clean clogged drippers as soon as possible to prevent production loss.

Healthy irrigation water is vital for healthy cultivation. An infection of a fungus or bacteria in the plant causes growth inhibition or root diseases. This is increasingly associated with the pouring of unhealthy (polluted) irrigation water.

Current Situation


The principle of heating as a disinfection method is based on the application of the correct combination of temperature and residence time, which kills the harmful micro-organisms, but also the good micro-organisms. Such systems are very expensive.

UV Disinfection

In the UV disinfection of the drain water, the UV radiation that damages the cell structures, which kills fungi, bacteria, viruses, but also the positive bacteria life. Working sterile in horticulture is not the solution. Such systems are very expensive and require regular maintenance.

Our Solution


Increase of oxygen level

The BioReactor system is being aerated from the bottom of the system up to saturated oxygen level more than 100%

Protection against fungus

High demand of oxygen will activate bacteria that will prevent diseases


The Nanobubble system of Agrona solves big problems with small bubbles. This system is an innovative gas injection technology. The "gas" in this case is oxygen. By injecting billions of bubbles of oxygen into the water, a water supply of clean water with an oxygen level of at least 100% is increased by 15-20 ppm (parts per million), thus achieving an oxygen level of 30 ppm.

Because the bubbles are so small they remain floating in the water, even during transport to the crop through the pipes. You can therefore see it as a storage of oxygen in the water. As a grower, you will see the benefits for both the crop and your business.


The OxyBull aeration system ensures that the oxygen concentration in both the water and around the roots of plants is at optimum level (100%). The OxyBull also moves the water around in a water storage tank. Because water is moving it’s impossible to have algae growth. High levels of oxygen in the water are crucial for growth and healthy plants. To ensure optimum levels of oxygen input, the OxyBULL system must be used in horticulture. When the OxyBull system is used in combination with our oxygen meter, the oxygen level will be stored every 5 minutes and will be displayed on the computer.
Clean irrigation system

Oxygenation will break down organic matter

Maintenance and user friendly

The ABR Bioreactor and the Clothfilter are user friendly and are cheap and friendly in maintenance


Substrate cultivation has a lot of advantages. The slabs are better to control for growers in the greenhouse cultivation. We are struggling in agriculture with different kind of pathogens that could create root diseases. Diseases are the most important reasons for the losses. These diseases are often infectious. There are different ways to handle the diseases. In the slabs cultivation, the growers chose often for the total disinfection of soil life. But, there is a new strategy which is much more sophisticated and it keeps plants healthier. This system improves the oxygen demand in the water and ensures that the oxygen gets used by microorganisms. Agrona recommends to place the BioReactor connected to the clean water storage tank.


Agrona offers the perfect solution for the filtration of water without backwashing water, as is the case with sand filters and self-cleaning filters. This solution is the APF filter System. Greenhouse horticulture must comply with stricter legislation in the field of drainage. That means substantial investments in water treatment plants. The APF filter System reduces the investment in water purification and reduces the purification costs. The APF filter System is reliable and easy to use for removing dirt out of the water. The system works without pressure, which saves on energy costs of pumps. The filtering process is visible and simple.