OxyBull & Nanobubble

Aeration systems by bubble technology

Boosting resistance

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Stimulating the root system

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Enhances mineral uptake

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Water purification and oxygen supply

The horticultural world is changing rapidly. Knowledge about all aspects of the profession is becoming more available by the day. Big improvements are sometimes found in small things, and nano- and micro-bubbles are a perfect example of this. Nanobubbles are so small that they do not travel to the surface but stay afloat in the water. A nanobubble can be 1,000 times smaller than a single grain of sand, and this provides a number of unique properties. One of these properties is the ability to remain suspended in water for long periods of time, without shrinking or floating to the surface. Microbubbles, on the other hand, work a little differently. These are slightly larger in size, which is why they prevent algae growth and organic pollution. This transition causes movement in the water, and that offers advantages. In this, their effect differs from that of nanobubbles.

Two types of aeration systems

Both types of bubble technology have many other properties that have proven to be of great value in a number of processes, including improving water quality. Not only does this provide a crop with water that is free of bacteria, but the water is also more oxygenated. This contributes to a more vital crop and a better root environment. Agrona has designed a separate system for both types of bubbles. Both systems are the most efficient in their class and can be effortlessly integrated into your cultivation environment.


Agrona's Nanobubble system is capable of solving big problems with something as small as a nanobubble. The system is plug-and-play and can be simply connected on site. To ensure an optimal oxygen supply, we recommend installing the Nanobubble system in the daily stock or clean water silo.


The OxyBull is an advanced aeration system that uses microbubble technology. Microbubbles are a fraction larger than nanobubbles, and this causes movement in the water storage system. These movements effectively suppress the growth of organic pollutants and algae. This system can also be monitored closely when connected to the Agrona oxygen meter.

The Benefits

At least 100% oxygen

Both the Nanobubble system and the OxyBull provide oxygen levels ranging from a minimum of 100% to a maximum of 300%, allowing roots to grow faster and more.

Mixing & circulating water

Stagnant water is detrimental to oxygen levels and accelerates the growth of algae and bacteria. Keeping the water moving prevents later problems.

Keeps drip line clean

Due to the fact that only clean water runs through the pipes, there is no more contamination. The aeration system prevents blockages and ensures a clean supply.

Biological way of crop protection

The Nanobubble system and the OxyBull purify the water and protect the crop in a biological way. You therefore do not need to use as many pesticides or other solvents.

Algae breakdown

Algae form quickly in water storage and take the oxygen and nutrition away from the crop. By breaking down the algae early and thus preventing it, the root environment improves.

Better performing crop

By supplying clean water and plenty of oxygen, you facilitate a more vital and stronger crop. The crop will therefore perform better.

Nanobubble generator

The Nanobubble system is an innovative gas injection technology. The ‘gas’ in this case is oxygen. By shooting billions of bubbles of oxygen into the water, a water supply of clean water with an oxygen content of 150% - 200% is increased, so the system achieves a total oxygen content of up to 300%. The system is plug-and-play and can be easily connected on site. To guarantee an optimal oxygen supply, we recommend installing the Nanobubble system in the day supply, clean water silo or water basin. Because the bubbles are so small, they remain floating in the water, even during transport to the crop through the pipes. The oxygen ensures better plant growth by supporting plant development, reducing stress and preventing indirect diseases. Nanobubbles are neutrally buoyant and can therefore remain in water for weeks without rising to the surface. Even in warmer water, the bubbles are largely preserved.


For any grower, it is essential to get the most out of the crop. Microbubble technology helps with this by increasing the number of available oxygen atoms and increasing nutrient uptake. When roots are oxygen-deprived, they have no choice but to replace it with other compounds. 

The substance ethylene is then produced. However, this causes cell damage and increases the risk of various types of contamination. Temperature is the most important variable affecting the amount of molecular oxygen the water can hold. The higher the water temperature, the lower the amount of dissolved oxygen that can be retained by the water. This is why aerobic bacteria are able to multiply effectively at higher temperatures, which will result in a stronger and more vital crop.
In recent years this aeration system for horticulture has been further developed. This has resulted in a product that introduces a lot of oxygen with a high homogeneous distribution and also has a long lifespan. This is due to the use of alternative materials and the application of special production techniques.

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Numbers and experiences

Both the OxyBull and the Nanobubble system have been installed in various places in the Netherlands at satisfied growers, and we are happy to show you some of the results. A study by Eurofins into the pathogenic fungi present in the root environment shows clear results. In this way the impact of an aeration system is expressed in hard data.
This is not only reflected in the figures, the plants also clearly show their preference. By treating half of the crop with the OxyBull and leaving the other half untreated, the exact effect was made clear.


Microbubbles and nanobubbles both have slightly different properties, but it is short sighted to say that one is better than the other. It depends on your goals and the environment in your business which one is better for your situation. We have listed some features below that reflect the biggest differences between the systems:

- Microbubbles shrink in the water and disappear, this creates more movement in the water than nanobubbles.
- Nanobubbles remain stably floating in the water and therefore provide a higher oxygen ratio in the water than microbubbles.

Grants and Regulations

The purchase of an aeration system from Agrona can be even more attractive if they are backed by the grants and regulations. The Dutch government offers a number of subsidies. The Environmental Investment deduction (MIA) and the Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments (VAMIL) are tax advantages for entrepreneurs who invest in environmentally friendly assets. For the Agrona products listed below, this can mean a reduction in investment of up to 36%. Other governments have other regulations. The situation in your country can be looked at upon request.

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