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August 24, 2020

Agrona's OxyBull aeration system ensures optimum oxygen content in the water and root environment. XL Bloom Youngplants in De Lier has been using the device since March of this year. A strong pump with a capacity of 60 m3/hour blows a lot of air into the water, so there is plenty of movement.

August 19, 2020

“At first, the filters silted up with algae every few days, now we practically no longer need to clean them. In addition, the root development is very good. We see a lot more roots and practically no more dead material. "

May 6, 2020

In about an hour, the renewed HortiContact 2020 will start. Water remains an important topic at the fair. Ridder and Agrona, among others, present their renewed machines. Furthermore, more organic crop protection options thanks to extensions of the label at Biobest.

December 11, 2019

It was long thought that bacteria was something to combat, but now it is clear that this idea isn’t true for horticulture. According to Nadir Laaguili of Agrona it is not about combating bacteria, but about achieving the right balance. For this, the company developed a real plug-and-play nursery for beneficial, aerobic bacteria.

November 1, 2019

You do not replace a “tricky” pepper gutter that does not make it possible to drain from the side. In order to take steps with the oxygen content in the mat and thereby prevent root problems in the course of cultivation, Personal Vision chose to work with an aeration system. “An hour before the first watering, the Oxybull ensures that the oxygen level in the drain silo is back up to standard”, says cultivation specialist Roel Klapwijk of the company that grows red block peppers on 7 hectares in Bleiswijk.

October 17, 2019

Enough oxygen in the root-environment is a condition for a strong and healthy cultivation. More oxygen makes the cultivation stronger and leads to higher productions. That is the experience of Van der Voort Tomaten in Vielpolders. The company uses a water handling application which keeps the oxygen level optimal.

September 3, 2019

Seeds growing company SeedCare in Oosterleek, North Holland, produces under 40 hectares of glass. They have as many as 40 different crops of seeds for national and international breeding companies. The vegetable crops, such as cucumber and tomato, are grown in the ground. The pot plants, including cyclamen, primula and begonia, stand on fixed cultivation tables. The crops get water as needed, so there is no drain or drainage water. The company does not recirculate the water.

July 24, 2019

A high oxygen content in water is essential for the development of plants. In order to realize an optimal oxygen input, various vegetable companies in the glasshouse horticulture use the OXYBULL aeration system. The system ensures that the concentration of oxygen in the water and around the root environment is optimal. Combined with oxygen meters, the oxygen level on the computer can be represented in a graph.

March 6, 2019

Then it’s a matter of how to get that right amount of oxygen in the water. For this purpose Agrona developed the Oxybull aeration system. “For this system we have developed a membrane cloth that creates miniscule bubbles in the water basin”, Nadir says. The installation was super easy, adds Frans. “No adjustments to the silo are required and the silo only needs to be partly emptied once (half a meter of water may remain in the silo) before installation. That is all. From then on you do not have to worry about it anymore.”


June 20, 2019

Watersilo’s in de tuinbouw zijn noodzakelijk voor iedere teler. De grote hoeveelheid wateropslag is nodig voor het gewas en ieder bedrijf heeft er ook een. Vanzelfsprekend raken ook silo’s vervuild en komen er bacteriën, schimmels en algen in het water terecht, dat nadelig is voor het zuurstofniveau en de waterkwaliteit. Een laag zuurstofniveau heeft een nadelige invloed voor het gewas en een vervuilde silo heeft nadelig gevolg voor druppelleidingen voor de silo zelf. Planten hebben goed water nodig met genoeg zuurstof om vitaal te kunnen groeien. Stilstaand water helpt hier niet bij. Maar wat kan je tegen stilstaand water doen?

June 4, 2019

Een van de belangrijkste draagstoffen die het gewas nodig heeft is water. Water zorgt er voor dat de plant kan groeien en gezond blijft. Dit lijkt vanzelfsprekend, maar het waterkwaliteit bij de meeste telers is zeker niet optimaal. Hierdoor zullen er veel algen ontstaan, blijft er meer vuil in het water zitten en schimmels en bacteriën krijgen de kans om het gewas te beschadigen. Verder worden druppelleidingen aangetast en raken deze vervuild.